I am now feeling
the cold
and I love it.
I love reading in front
of a fireplace,
watch tv with my son
while sipping hot choco drink
and wear
really warm socks,
cuddle with my hubby,
wear chunky sweaters,
drink coffee and tea,
take breakfasts in bed,
and even sleep till noon
on cold cozy days.
Don't you love to have
cozy days too?
How do you spend yours?




Gorgeous Loft in Soho

If ever I would have a loft
I'd be so happy
if it will look like this one.
So warm, gorgeous,
a little rustic,
a little modern,
and has a great outdoor
area for al fresco dining
and entertaining
and a place to get some
natural light and air too.
Those exposed wooden
beams adds so much charm
and the lighting fixtures
look awesome.

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Sneaker Love

There used to be a time
when sneakers are
worn with jeans, shorts and
sweatpants only
or when you are running
but not anymore.
Many fashionistas are now
rocking the sneakers
with their skirts, dress,  and
even gowns. Woman
are even wearing them to
their wedding...
and why not?
Sneakers are so comfy
and I love their style.
Sneakers appeal to me
very very much.



Pretty Balcony with Flowers

I love to have a porch
or a balcony like this too.
Somewhere to relax and
maybe read a book or entertain 
friends. I want one with white wicker
furniture, swing, and lots of
pretty flowers too.

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