Rustic and Cozy Country Home

I love how cozy this Country Home 
in Mallorca is. The rustic style
and warmth of this home
is something that I would love to have
if ever I would have a weekend
house of my own in the country.
The simplicity of the living room
is very appealing to me
as I want serenity and beauty
at the same time
which this living room clearly has.
And the mix of old and new
furniture and decor accents
are lovely.
I also love a living room with
a comfy white couch.
for years I am trying to find
the courage to buy myself a white
couch with all the responsibility and
maintenance that goes with it
but the closest I get to a white couch
is a white slipcover for my green couch.
The kitchen looks really charming
small but I can see that the
appliances in there are
modern and it has ample storage
too which to me is a necessity
in a functioning and well used kitchen.
I would love to see more
of the bedroom
although it looks cozy and comfy
I think it still has a lot of beauty
that has not been featured here.
The outdoor area
looks like a nice spot too
so relaxing  and idyllic.
I am loving the amazing stone walls
and flooring and those
 exposed white beams adds
a lot of charm in this
cozy and rustic Country Home in Mallorca.

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A Cool Home in Chile

This cool home in Chile
looks so amazing.
As a person who loves the outdoors
and nature
this kind of home appeals to me
a lot.
I love the extensive use of
and the open spaces
and those huge glass walls
and windows that opens up
to a wonderful landscape is just so
wonderful and very relaxing.
I love the bedroom too
with that unpretentious comfy bed
and those white drapes
and that tree stump as bedside
table is cool too.
And I so heart the poolside
perfect for some chilling out
time with family and friends
and even some alone time
for contemplation
or just simply a dip in that inviting pool.

images: BoBedre

Amazing Colorful Home

Oh how I love this home
so colorful and fresh
and with so much elegance.
I love the use of colors
especially the greens, purples, and
beautiful shades of blue.
Every room and space
is a showcase itself.
I love the green breakfast room
and all the
beautiful bedrooms.
And I heart everything in that
fresh looking living room
yes, every little detail is perfect.

images: HB

Cool Industrial Bedroom

This is a cool looking
industrial bedroom
a bit on the masculine side
but I won't have problems
staying there
oh okay maybe I'll add a little
girly accents here and there
but this bedroom certainly looks  cool.
I love the mix of textures here
the brick walls
and the contrasting shiny floor
and then the nice rug.
I love the framed artworks
and decors
and the vase,
books, and lamps.
The improvised bed side
is also a lovely design idea
that fits perfectly in this
cool industrial bedroom.

images: behance

Mix of Flea Finds and Modern

This home looks fresh
yet looks so cool too.
It is filled with beautiful mix
of flea finds from the 50s and 60s
and  modern pieces
and the result is a place
that has fresh and bright aesthetics.
I love the bunk bed
I think it is cool
to have have a bed like that
if you are a kid.
I like the spacious and clutter-free
kitchen too.
And oh the chalk board
which is more of a wall
is a cool design idea, I've been
wanting one for my own home
but somehow never seem to get it done.
Oh I blame my busy schedule.
I love all the red touches
in the interiors.
And while the interiors have
a fun and even a playful
the outdoors look
 so calming and relaxing
which I like very much.


images: husohem