Relaxing Scandinavian Home

This Scandinavian Home
is so relaxing
and very inviting.
I love the library with all those books
arranged by color
and with all those lovely decors
and trinkets.
Love the brick walls
that adds so much charm
and coziness.
Oh the mismatched chairs in
the dining room are lovely
and the lighting looks amazing,
not the kind you see everyday.
The bedroom looks so comfy
and homey with the perfect touch
of romanticism
and I love those dogs in there
they are just so cute and adorable.
Love the upper view deck/ terrace
and my fave space is the deck
facing the waters,
such a relaxing place
a picture perfect spot
in this Relaxing Scandinavian Home.

images: skonahem

Cool Statement T-Shirts

 I love wearing statement t-shirts
these days
they are so cool
and so right on.
These are just some of the awesome
statement shirts I found
on the net.

Hearts Everywhere

 I love hearts
because its shape is
synonymous to love
and to me happiness too
for how can you look at hearts
and feel angry or sad
especially in these heart shaped images.
I don't know about you
but seeing heart shaped things and
objects make me happy
even in just simple everyday things
or even in nature.
I just love seeing hearts.