Cozy and Inviting Home in Stockholm

This house in  Stockholm
is so inviting
and cozy.
Love the pool
and its deck
and the spectacular view
it boasts.
Love the wood table in the living
room, so rustic and oh so lovely
nice comfy couch in there too
and the two leather armchairs
provides a great mix of textures
on that room.
And that blue chevron rug
looks wonderful.
And I've always love a home
that has a place for books
like this cozy and inviting
Stockholm house.


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An Elegant Brooklyn Brownstone

This 1890s Brooklyn Brownstone
is owned by Lighting Designer
Michelle James.
I love the elegance and
style of this home.
The high ceilings,
use of white
and neutral colors
and beautiful mirrors
and doors are spectacular.
This home has feminine glamour
that is relaxing and beautiful.
And check out all those lovely
lighting fixtures.

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Street Style Fashion - Ripped Jeans


I love ripped jeans
they are comfy
and makes you look so cool
wearing one.
You can pair it with sneakers or
leather,  but I love it with heels
I mean really high gorgeous heels.
Ripped jeans
look so cool with a shirt,
with tees,
and even with blazers
and kimonos.
And it looks so good with sweaters
and cardigans too.
Gone are the days when
ripped jeans are worn by workers
for their day job.
Ripped jeans are now so glamorous.
And they look so good in men too.
Check out these style inspirations
I've found on the net.



Johnny Depp has been rocking
the ripped jeans since forever

And he looks so cool in it.


(photos not mine)

A Colorful Country Home in Madrid

I am in love with
the mix of colors and
patterns of this beautiful Country
Home in Madrid.
The burst of colors
in here creates a lively and
fun environment.
The furniture are simple
yet comfy
and looks well together.
I love the mismatched
chairs in the dining room
and the armchair in the living
area looks fabulous.
And I love the outdoor dining space,
perfect for a little al fresco dining
and I love that it looks very
inviting with a touch of whimsy.
Love the terrace too
a perfect space for two.
And the pool
oh it looks so inviting
and perfect for 
some relaxation.
But really the colors are
what makes me smile
when I look at this colorful country home
in Madrid.

images: micasa