Small Backyard Space

This is such a relaxing
outdoor space.
It may be small
but looks so fresh in there
plus it has a small
cottage beside it
that could function
as a kitchen
and it is so pretty too.
Everything looks girly-girly
which I love very much.
Oh just look at all those
pretty and cute plates  and
teapots and all those gorgeous
fabrics inside.
You can cook some snacks
and refreshments
inside like those muffins
and serve it outside
where you can chill a little
and relax a lot♥

images: micasa

Pretty Badass Quotes

Here are some pretty badass quotes
for  you today.
Some are cool, funny,
inspiring, and others are snarky
  and just plain shitty.
But I guess
most of them have some
truth to it.

Stylish Stripes


Stripes are so stylish
whether in fashion
or in interiors.
I just can't get enough of 
Well,whoever invented this
should be put to the
hall of fame of design if
 ever there is one.
Enjoy the striped inspirations.

Sexy stripe dress
with cutoff at the back

Stylish Striped Hoodie

Casual long sleeves stripe outfit
Looks so cool with 
denim shorts and sneakers

Lovely with that gorgeous necklace.

Fab stripe heels

Fabulous Kate Spade Coat
in Blue and White

Olivia Palermo
can't get enough of the stripes
in here... and it looks so good on her.


I'm lusting for this
striped armchair.

What an elegant space
with blue and white striped carpet

Brick walls and striped rug... looks perfect.

Black and White
stripes in the hallway

Beautiful Pink and White 
stripes in the bathroom.

Beautiful Gardens

Everybody loves a gorgeous garden
a place to relax
to be quiet and alone
a place to gather
to celebrate and chill a little.
And the feeling of freshness, beauty
and rejuvenation
plants and flowers
bring are worth the hours
of cultivating and taking care
of them.

I want green and grassy and spacious
garden like this where children can play and run
and where gatherings and parties can
be held. A night party here
with mason jar lights would
be so dreamy.

A wall garden
with a lovely deck.

A garden with the view of Eiffel
is fabulous no matter how small.

Loving the blooms.

How gorgeous is this window full of flowers.

Flowers on the fence. Pretty!

A hammock in the garden is a wonderful thing.

This is a great garden idea.

And I want a backyard herb garden like this.

Relaxing White Villa in South Africa

Oh how I love the whitewashed
walls of this Relaxing White Villa
in South Africa.
And that porch looks so
a nice place to
chill during sundown
and maybe till night
trading stories with dear
friends and family.
And that bathroom
looks amazing to me.
Love the mirrors
int he living room too♥